Born of Starlight

Born of Starlight, Pink hair, castle

This story should start in the sky, somewhere between far off stars, between the realms of immortals and magic.

But, that isn’t where it starts.

It starts with one girl, lost in the world. Despite the strange gift that tingles at her fingertips, she knows she is nothing and no one. She feels doomed for the life of abuse, thievery, and graffiti she doesn’t know how to escape from. Until a stranger arrives to propel her future into something wild and unknown. She discovers the White Library, a hub of magic and knowledge for the descendants of the stars, which she happens to be.

There, she turns dangerous people into family and begins to unravel a secret that could lead to the destruction of the world.

Born of Starlight is the culmination of everything I’ve learned as a reader and a writer up to this point. I’m beyond impressed with the tale I’ve begun to weave and the cast of characters I can’t help but love. If you want to get to know Born of Starlight a little better, try checking out the Pinterest board to the right or the Spotify playlist below.