2019: The Year of Me

I’m not one for resolutions. The whole principle of a resolution revolves around changing one’s self. I don’t need to do that. (We all have little things to work on like self-care and communication, but that’s not the kind of resolutions we usually see).

Instead, I’d like to jot down a few quick and easy goals for 2019. These goals aren’t about writing, so if that’s what you’re looking for then I don’t know what to tell you. What I can say is that these goals will help me become a better writer.

Are you interested now?

More often than not, our ideas of our writing career are ONLY wrapped up in writing. The truth is, we are complex creatures with complex needs. One goal cannot fulfill every need. This year, I’m going to acknowledge my other creative needs to become a well rounded and happier person.

One: Take up Embroidery

I adore making things. When my brother got Bionicle toys for Christmas, I was the one who always put them together for him. Breaking a project down into manageable parts, identifying how things come together, and seeing the final result is just so damn satisfying.

When I realized I needed new hobbies outside writing, I knew I needed something that I can do while sitting on the couch. Hubs loves watching movies, anime, and youtube videos. With an embroidery hoop and some thread, I can multi-task.

My hope is to make cool things to hang on my wall. I’ve seen some gorgeous embellished skeletons by Crimson Pins. Someday, I hope to reach that same level of skill.

Two: More Baking!

While baking has always been one of my loves, I should confess that I watched way too much Great British Bake-Off in 2018. Like, every season.

I think we can all agree that I will never master bread making. Sorry, Paul Hollywood. It’s just not my thing.

What I want to do in 2019, though, is learn to make an entremet. Like, all the entremets! The intricate, multi-layered desserts are not only glamorous, but can be made in stages. One day, I could make a mousse and a dacquoise. Another I could make a mirror glaze.

I think you get the idea. It’s a sporadic kind of baking that I can get behind.

Three: Decor DIY

My husband and I have been married for six years now. Almost everything we own is a hand-me-down from family or something cheap from Wal-Mart to fill a need.

Needless to say, I hate most of it. While it has all served a purpose, it feels messy and I’m not in love with it like I could be. I know I can’t go out and buy all new stuff because that would definitely break the bank for a freelancer like me.

What I can do is search for discount pieces while updating some of the things I do have. There is a dresser from my sixteenth birthday present in my living room. The moves haven’t been kind to it, but it’s great storage. When It gets nicer outside, I’m sanding, painting, and giving it all new hardware. Same with a side table in my bedroom and a cheap lamp in the living room.

Little by little, I will make it all my own.

Bonus Round: Get Better at Photography

I opened another instagram account to share all the cool things I want to do this year (follow me at Leah Corrine). The only problem is–okay, there are two problems. One, I suck at remembering to take photos of things, largely because I hate the stigma of ‘girls who photograph everything’. On the other hand, I suck at taking good photos.

To share the cool things I want to do this year, I would like to learn better photography techniques as well as manage to figure out Lightroom.

To any set of goals, there are some challenges. First of all, they wouldn’t be goals if I could just get up and do them.My job can be demanding. While it isn’t physically exerting, it can be mentally draining. It leaves me unwilling to do much more than play video games. I am enjoying the heck out of Destiny 2 right now (and I’ll probably cave to Fallout 76 at some point), but I’d like to do more.

Do you have any advice? Should I schedule these things into my day? How do I reward success?

Let me know in the comments below!

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