What Does a Writing Coach Do?

I’m that kind of person who gets really excited when they hear someone wants to work on a creative project. I’m the first person to offer encouragement and I obsessively ask about their progress. Story is such a huge part of my life and I love that it can help me connect with those around me. Even more so, I love being able to help people write their stories. Sharing what I’ve learned either through experience or through creative writing courses is extremely fulfilling. There is a place in this world for every story.

So many people want to tell their stories, but they just aren’t sure where to start. Maybe they’re daunted by the process or heard horror stories about rejections and shelved projects. Either way, there’s no reason not to start.

This is why I decided to branch out and become a Writing Coach.

So, what does a writing coach actually do? That’s a good question. I’m not here to tell you what other writing coaches can do for you. Every coach’s model and area of expertise are going to be different. While I’m great with building a story, Hannah Bauman of Between the Lines Editorial is great at helping you tweak and tighten the words.

Okay, Leah, just tell us what it is that you do.

I should do that, huh?

As a writing coach, I  help those who want to write a story, but don’t think they have it in them or think they just don’t have the time. Because both are just bogus.

Anyone can write a story as long as they have passion and determination. Those two things alone will take you a long way, I promise. So much further than talent. And, time is a matter of management and moderation. If your days are packed with demands from every angle, your path might just take a little longer. Books aren’t written while hiding in a mountain retreat. They’re written while you wait for the microwave to ding or while you listen to the snores of everyone else in your house.

Basically, I serve as a mentor to get a writer through the shitty first draft stages.

What I do is sit down with the aspiring writer and go over an Action Plan. With it, we decide on what story the writer want to tell and what the writer already know about that story. From there, we can tell what the story needs and what we can do to make sure those needs are met. Everyone will have different needs and the Action Plan stage helps to customize each experience to the writer and their story. No two coaching experiences will be the same because no two people (or even stories) are the same.

Once we know what needs work, I like to set up check-ins to meet those needs. The first few check-ins will be tailored toward the building of the story and the understanding of story mechanics. For example, one check-in session could be discussing the cycle of plot in order to create an outline, while another check-in session could be tailored toward finding your voice as a writer. Once those basic needs are met, then we work on the drafting process. The story is broken down into word counts or scenes, and after a certain amount the writer and I meet to go over the work.

This drafting check-in could be as simple as proving that a certain number of words have been written. For the writer that wants a more hands on approach, we could work on Alpha Reading. This means that I read the work you’ve written before any edits or revisions occur. Being the first set of eyes on the story I can pin-point weak areas, info-dumps, and other elements of a story that we could improve upon together.

An aspiring writer is only one who hasn’t started writing. Our lives are so wildly different and the way we perceive the world around us varies from person to person. The story you want to tell is one that could resonate with so many more people than you might imagine. The world wants your story and I want to help you tell it.

I’ve set up three Coaching Packages to choose from that you can find here. Each package is designed to help fit specific needs and can be further customized through the Action Plan Consultation.

If you want to know anything else, ask me in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “What Does a Writing Coach Do?”

  1. i have an idea for a story about a youngster in a war torn universe who wants to bring peace to everyone the story goes like this after an atack on her home town 3 month old yugo and 3 year old adopted brother Loki are left orphans and taken away by slavers yugos first 4 years is spent watching the suffering of others around her she try’s to help by stealing medicine and food for the sick and often gets beat up for it so she and loki decides to risk life to free everyone after the ascape only to be betrayed by the people they freed they are saved by the army called the peace keepers witch they decide to join and become strong anoth to bring peace to everyone . I’ve made yugo yuusha a wolf like person and Loki yuusha fox like person i know it ain’t any good but I’d like to hear what you think about it .

    1. I’d say it’s hard to tell if an idea is good or bad until it’s been executed. Do all of your research, read books on the craft of writing, read books on your setting, on the effects of certain situations on the psyche. Everything. Then write. Write anything and everything. The first draft is going to be full of crap. Everyone’s first draft is. Once you have that first draft, revise, revise, revise, until you find the truth of the story.
      You might find that the original idea isn’t what the story is anymore. The truth came out.

      If you want more help, I have Coaching slots open.

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