A Valentine’s Day Date Guide for the Writer in Your Life

Is there a writer in your life you’d like to treat to truly special date this Valentine’s Day? You want to give them that personal touch that says, I know you and I love you, but you just aren’t sure what the writer types like?

Don’t worry. I got you.

You could totally reserve your place at their favorite restaurant (because we don’t feed ourselves while writing), shower them with flowers (they brighten any office), or bring chocolates (the best fuel for writing as long as it fits in the desk drawer), but here are four date ideas that your writer will truly appreciate.

Museum Date

While everyone else is piling into the fancy restaurants, take your writer out for a night at the museum. Or a planetarium, aquarium, zoo, or what have you. Places like these provide much needed insight into certain subjects, a bit of inspiration, and help reset the mind. It can be really taxing to look at the same screen, the same office day after day (no matter how much your writer says they love their office).

If you have to, coax them outside with a promise of coffee or tea. Throw in some pastries. I know I’d come running for an iced coffee and a croissant.

…Now I’m hungry.


Road Trip

Book a hotel room or an Air B&B and explore a nearby town. Much like the museum trip, it can help reinvigorate your writer’s brain. Crawling the streets of an unfamiliar town and discovering small shops tucked away will help your writer better create settings. It will also give your writer a sense of freedom as they are literally pulled away from their work.

You don’t have to book a room. If there’s no time or money, don’t fret. Explore your own town or a nearby town. There could be things you don’t know about your town that are waiting for you to discover or there might be a town only minutes away that could open your writer to a whole new world!



If you listen to your writer, you should know what things they love to write about. Of course, the library is always at their disposal, but sometimes an interactive lesson can really bring to life a subject your author likes to write about. If you’re reading this, then you have access to the internet. Simply search the subject and your town’s name to find lessons in your area.

Book them a set of self defense lessons to really spice up their action scenes. Maybe fencing or sword fighting lessons (I totally wish I could find this near me). If they write cozy mysteries about cooks, attend some cooking classes.

If you can’t find a subject nearby that relates to your writer’s favorite subjects, try to pick one you think your writer might enjoy anyway. An introduction to something new could inspire your writer to try something new in their writing!



What wordsmith doesn’t like books? Take your love to a bookstore, maybe one with a cafe for an added bonus, and let them run free. Maybe give them a budget and set up a code word to find them in the stacks (you know, like Marco Polo). The new books might go into a TBR pile once you get home, but your writer will look at them and remember that great day.

Alternatively, if the budget is tight, take your writer to their local library. If they don’t have a card, get them one. Try to introduce your writer to the librarians as well. They will be great supporters of your writer’s work when they choose to publish, and the library might host critique groups your writer could join.

Best of all, your writer gets to leave with free books!

Did this give you any ideas? Do you think your writer would enjoy any of these? Don’t be afraid to mix and match some of these.The world is a great big place with so much to offer and so much to learn. Try to watch your writer’s eyes fill up with excitement when you take them to any of these.

Everything I have listed is something I, personally, would enjoy. I can’t say if ALL writers would enjoy this, but I do believe a majority of them would.

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