Eight Gifts For The Writer in Your Life

As the holidays come near, you might be wondering what gifts the writer in your life might want. The elusive creature spends their life locked in an office or buried in a book and, therefore, cannot tell you themselves. This leaves you with a quandary.

If they don’t tell you what they want, how will you ever know?

Don’t worry! I have your back with a list of gifts your writer will love!

Gift Ideas for the Writer in Your Life

  • Paperfury @ Society6: Paperfury makes some of the best designs for readers and writers alike. Her designs are feminine and bear writerly lines such as Kill Your Darlings or Tears of My Readers.
  • Trip to a Writer’s Conference: This might be a bit on the expensive side with travel and lodging included, but your writer will get more than your money’s worth out of this gift. Here is a list of 30 writer’s conferences you could send your writer to.
  • Fingerless Writing Gloves: If the climate where you live is anything like where I am, it gets cold and I mean real cold. If your writer is typing or handwriting their next novel, their hands are going to need insulation from the biting chill. Try these on for size, they’re Dragon Scale!
  • A Handpacked Writer’s Kit: This one you will have to make yourself, but the thought you put into this will blow your writer’s mind. You will need any combination of the following:
    • A Notebook, because writers collect them like dragons collect gold.
    • A set of pens and markers, in one color or many. Depends on your writer (peek in their drawers if you have to).
    • Sticky Notes, to remember their ideas or create a storyboard.
    • Snacks, because we stress eat during tense scenes.
    • Drinks, such as coffee, tea, or cocoa. Preferably in a dry form to avoid mess.
    • Stickers and a Calendar, to mark each day with a reward for progress.
    • Earbuds, because headphones break almost as easily as iPhones.

Free Gifts for Writers

  • A Homemade Coupon Book with coupons for take-out (all ordering made by you), get out of dishes free, trip to the bookstore, a day without the in-laws, etc. Your writer has a lot on their plate and sometimes doesn’t know how to ask for help. This simple gesture makes it easier for your writer to communicate.
  • Happily give your writer time to write. Your enthusiasm shows you support them when it may feel like the world is stacked against them. Add a snack or cup of their favorite warm drink as a bonus.
  • Museum Trips, well, this isn’t always free, but it can be relatively cheap and art or history is a great way to recharge the creative juices.
  • Space to Write. By rearranging some furniture, you can carve out a space for your writer to work. Having this personal space dedicated to one thing will give your writer somewhere to work their magic and remind them they are special in your life. Do your best to keep the volume down when the space is in use.

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