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The Fiction Fandom Formula, a Free Workbook

I am the kind of writer who loves organizing the mess of idea that I have tumbling around in my head. Often times they end up on random notebook pages that I can no longer find or in a jumble of text on a note taking app. While this is very smart as ideas can be fleeting, it’s also great when the ideas come together in one cohesive place before they become a story.

I also love worksheets. Who doesn’t?!

I have crafted a small workbook for you, my readers and writers, that outlines the trifecta of fandom fiction: SETTING, CHARACTER, and PLOT. Let’s all admit it, we want killer fandoms to obsess over the books we’ve poured our blood, sweat, and tears into. These are our babies, the stories we are excited about. By fine tuning and perfecting these three elements of your story you, too, can make your story the foundation of a killer fandom, one that will make your characters into candle scents, write fan-fic about, and draw terrific fan-art for.

The workbook will always be a free download as will many of my upcoming worksheets and cheat-sheets. I’m not monetizing this site because I want all writers to have access to the building blocks for the next great story. Also, free stuff is DOPE!

While you’re working on The Fiction Fandom Formula, you may want to refer back to some of my previous posts.

Here’s a nifty list of posts that can help you on your journey:

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Each link corresponds with a section of The Fiction Fandom Formula Workbook. Use them as a stepping block toward building your story.

Hint: If you need more than one character sheet, go into the PDF download and use the print option to print pages 5-6 as many times as you need. Same could be said about page 7 and the world building for your countries.

Hint: I’m going to hole punch my pages and pop them into a cheap binder. It doesn’t have to be pretty. You can Modpodge the cover with inspiring quotes and art. You can print a pretty cover page to slip into the plastic cover. Just remember to keep the pages all in one place so that you can easily refer back to them as you’re writing.

Download your copy of The Fiction Fandom Formula below!

Updated Fiction Fandom Worksheet



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