A Day in the Life of L.C. Davis

Last winter, I was encouraged to quit my retail job I hated. We were making okay money and going full time freelance was a brand new option that had never been viable before. I dropped the job like a hot rock and dove head first into ghostwriting.

That seems like so long ago now.

It’s September and I can barely breathe. I swear, I’m still treading water!

Coffee mug desk

Here’s a look at this Ghostwriter’s day at a glance.

6AM: Wake up and feed the cats clawing at my door. Caffeinate myself.

7AM: Workout at Planet Fitness (no, this isn’t sponsored.)

8AM: Feed myself and my husband, then shower.

9AM-12PM: Sit down and pound out 4,000 words for my ghostwriting project.

12PM: Feed myself, attend to household chores, and de-stress with kitty time.

This is where it gets a bit smudgy from day to day. By smudgy, I mean it changes all the time.

1PM Still doing chores? Seriously?

2PM-5PM: Hang time with Hubby. Anime or Twitch?

5PM: Cook at Keto friendly dinner. Clean up the mess from said dinner.

6PM-9PM: Sit back down with phone or laptop to work on marketing myself. PIN ALL THE PINS, LIKE ALL THE PHOTOS, ETC.

This often finds me attempting a myriad of things, from balancing my two Instagram accounts to pinning advice on Pinterest. I should be drafting new posts or scheduling Social Media, but I’m easily distracted.

Sometimes, this time can get repossessed by Overwatch time with my online buddies. This is super healthy and I make time for it so that I don’t go insane from the moment I wake up.

10PM: TRY TO SLEEP FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE. (Which roughly translates to, get in bed, turn on Hulu, fall asleep to Hulu, wake up just long enough to turn it off, sleep for 6 more hours.)

Is that too much? Or, is that totally doable?

I try to keep this restricted to weekdays, but obviously, some of it often spills out into my weekends. I’ve added some extra projects, including workbooks for this website and plot outlining for a great client. On top of that, I am managing a series of self published books (now being edited by Hannah Bauman of Between The Lines Editorial!). I’m still far behind the learning curve when it comes to self publishing and I don’t focus as much on marketing as I really should be. Once I get that figured out, it will be added to the mix.

I do plan on adding a number of things to my weekends, such as Social Media Scheduling and networking. Both are pretty easy once you have the right tools set up and take the time it takes for me to drink my cup of coffee while hubs wakes up.

Welcome to a day in the life of a married ghostwriter. I’m sure everyone’s experience is different, but no less action packed. We all lead busy lives and need to remember to take the time to smell the roses (or, play with kitty paws, if you’re me).

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