It’s Okay to Breathe

It's Okay to Rest, Pause, breathe

But, remember to get back to work.

I work full time as a ghostwriter. This means I write full novellas and novels for other people to sell and market under a different name. No, I can’t tell you anything about them. That’s the deal.

Lately, I’ve been working on a faster schedule than usual and it’s left me feeling a little empty by the time I turn and look toward my own work. Ghostwriting usually has me busy from 8am-1pm, making time for a run, shower, and breakfast somewhere in there. Then it’s housework (the never ending task) and possibly a little hang time with my husband, which most nights means having to socialize for a D&D game and drop people off and clean up after.

Weekends have been taken by self-pub marketing and family socialization, usually an hour or more upstate.

It isn’t until 8pm or sometimes even 9 pm that I finally get to sit down and look at my own work. By then, I have no interest in doing any more work. None.

I have to tell myself that it’s okay to stop and breathe.

It’s okay to have a few dishes in the sink. It’s okay to not launch into revisions on my manuscripts right away.

The key is to limit yourself. Say to yourself, I’m only going to take a week off. Or, I’m going to take two weeks and then I’m going to knock this project out. Don’t let not working on your story become the norm for your day to day processes.

It’s okay to order out if you don’t feel like doing dishes. It’s okay to have a glass of wine while you work. Do what you have to in order to stay sane or else you’ll get what I call Brain Melt. No one wants to start forgetting whole worlds and feel their internal processing power start to stutter from being over stressed.

Take a limited break, then jump back into the deep end.

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