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Adrienne’s father taught her the names of the stars, but she thought them a child’s fairy tale full of myth, wonders, and lies. It isn’t until Adrienne travels to a far off library, hidden at the distant reaches of humanity, that she sees the names encircling the constellations on a mural that she starts to wonder if they weren’t lies at all.

The stars are alive.

And, Adrienne is a distant descendant.

When one star wishes to rearrange the heavens with her at the center, Adrienne and the descendants at the White Library must band together or face to lose everything they’ve ever known.

It now seems like I’ve been working on this project for some great, indefinite amount of time. It was one thing, beginning life as a spark of inspiration while watching my husband play a video game. Now, it has morphed into something altogether new and shining.

It has become the Starlight I know and love.

Well, Born of Starlight. The first in the White Library Trilogy.

Never before did I think I would write something like this. If you had asked me several years ago, I would have staunchly said I was an urban fantasy writer. I wrote about werewolves and witches in small town America. It was my life blood.

Then, this story idea crept in and I would try to throw myself at it. And, each time I would fail. It never felt right. The story always needed to change. It needed to go from a steampunk-ish fantasy to a contemporary fantasy. It needed to change from this quiet, third person POV to the brash and bullheaded, sass master of a first person POV.

The story took two years to write just because my protagonist wouldn’t settle on a name and I had to change it every few drafts of so. Now, the manuscript is nearing 120,000 words, I have no idea what I can even cut, and I see a lot of failings in it.

But, I also see a lot of potential.

This might not be the book that makes me a big name, but it is a book that has a piece of me in it. It has a little bit of my heart spread out over all of the characters I tried so hard to bring to life on the page. I can’t wait to finish the final round of revisions and see what my Beta Readers have to say so that I can make it even better than before.


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