A Community of Writers!

One morning, a thought occurred to me. I was part of all these groups for authors and writers, but I didn’t feel like my voice could be heard among the hundreds and thousands of other writers. These groups were supposed to help, but I was unable to make any real connection with them or the members.

Fiction writers coffee corner

It made me want to start something fresh. It would be small, personal and friendly. I already had a handful of friends who were on the path, writing their first books or set to publish their first books. I often received messages from them, asking for advice or tips. Sometimes, I would receive several similar messaged from them.

What better way to address these than create my own group! That way, if one person asked a question, others could get the answer or offer their own answer as well. They could create friendships with fellow authors and writers, helping one another when they’re stuck or just fawning over their favorite authors.

I created my group, Leah Corrine Writes Writer’s Group (Clever name, I know) to create a sense of community. I would like to see it grow, but not too much and not too fast. I want to see members get to know one another as friends and utilize each other’s skills as professionals.


Monday: Meet and Greet

Tuesday: Advice Blog Post

Wednesday: 30 Second Elevator Pitch Practice

Thursday: Ask Me Anything

Friday: Social Media Exchange

If you like the idea of this, jump over to our private Facebook group. Membership is quick and free. Who doesn’t like free? You will have access to a writing expert, blog updates, post requests, and a community of like minded writers.

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