My Small Press/Indie TBR List

You might know that I’ve been working on a young adult book, the one that I refer to as Starlight. It’s nearing completion and I’m getting pretty excited. I can’t wait to see where it can go.

Because of that, I’ve been doing a lot of investigation when it comes to my publisher choices. That also means I’ve been coming across some great books and I couldn’t help but add them to my #TBR list.

Some are self-published on platforms such as Amazon while others are published by the small press, Of Tomes.

Of Tomes is a company that was started by booktuber Ben Alderson, who wanted to help celebrate really great books. Ben is a true book lover and the books his company has begun to offer looked too good to pass up.

First, let me start with Alisha Klapheke’s book, Waters of Salt and Sin. I’ve been eyeing this for SO LONG. The cover is drop dead gorgeous (art done by Merilliza Chan). Plus, Alisha is a trained fighter and I just know her action scenes are going to be killer.

The first Uncommon Worlds book follows Kinneret as she tries to save her sister from starvation and salvage a forbidden love. To do so, she must make a deal with a dangerous ruler and keep her love a secret.

Open waters? Yes. Forbidden romance? Yes. Sisterly love? Yes!

If you like this, Alisha just released the second book in the Uncommon Worlds. The books do not follow the same protagonists. I like to think of them as snapshots of this massive world the author has created!

Nest up, we have Coral and Bone by Tiffany Daune. This one is published by Of Tomes. I immediately fell in love with this killer cover and the extra art that they’ve hidden inside.

Halen was forced to move back to the town where her father drowned and suffers from the image of a boy in her head and flames at her fingertips. She realizes the life she knew is a lie when she is introduced to an underwater realm of magic.

I love mermaids. I mean, who doesn’t these days. But, I’ve always lived near water and had a fondness for imagining the mythical creatures just below the surface. This book delivers on that.

Blood Rose by Danielle Rose is a recent release by Of Tomes, dropped on the Summer Solstice to honor the witches in the book. I couldn’t tell you how much I loved that small detail!

I am a sucker for books about witches. Ever since I read the Sweep series by Cate Tiernan, I was hooked. Seeing the pentagram the right way up on the cover and the Sweep books on Ben’s shelf in a youtube video gives me hope.

Blood Rose follows Avah and her destiny to save her coven from the vampires. The only thing is, she will have to sacrifice her mortality and become the enemy to do so.

I’m starting to think that Of Tomes loves witches, because that’s where I came across The Witches of The Glass Castle by Gabrielle Lepore. Mia and Dino discover their family heritage and, inside a crumbling castle, begin down a dark path. There are already two books in this series, and another to come (I think!).

Again, I couldn’t turn down a book about witches!

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