Stress Management for the Modern Author

I’ve been away. I’m sorry. I’d promise it will never happened again, but it would be a promise I’m going to break.

This month I took on two ghostwriting projects at once, released a new self published book, finished the second draft of Starlight (and moved on to paper edits), and held two live events. Needless to say, I’m drained.

My ability to manage stress completely disappeared. While my mind melted from the amount of words written each day, I was leaving burners on the stove lit. I was completely forgetting how to talk. I was falling asleep mid-day (NOT something I do). I was left fumbling, trying to keep myself together every night.

Don’t let this become you!

Here are the tips that I learned for handling stress:

Stress Management For The Modern Author


Today was the first day of running this summer. I made it further than my husband thought I would (0.4 mi, don’t judge). Last night, the idea of fitting running into my early morning schedule stressed me out. How was I supposed to get my caffeine intake, run, shower, and work in time to do everything else I do as a wife and self-published author. It seemed impossible.

Then, we ran.

This morning, I deleted about a thousand words and re-wrote them in one ghostwriting project and still managed to finish at my usual time. Now, I feel contentedly tired. Tomorrow is going to be another question, but the small bit of exercise helped.


My stress can, a lot of the time, turn into anger. My favorite way to vent that anger is by gaming. I really need to start a Twitch stream so that you can hear the weird things I say. What is a cockwaffle and why does she keep screaming it at the screen?!

Never the less, loading Overwatch or Fallout 4 helps me unwind and vent my anger. I’ve been playing a lot of Overwatch, counting it as time spent with my husband. Blowing other players up just makes my stress melt away into vicious contentment.

If you’re not a gamer, no worries. What else do you love? Don’t forget about that. Carve a small part of your day out for the thing that you love. It might not seem like you have time, but you will find that time spent freaking out can be used for you time.


As you know, I have two cats. They are adorable, frustrating little monsters. Whenever I feel overwhelmed by the long list of things to do, I stop and give my fur babies some well deserved love. Often, they can tell I’m losing my shit and will sit while I throw baby talk at them.

Just looking at their cute little faces can push my stress aside. Having animals nearby, especially furred cuddle brats, can be therapeutic. Feeling that kind of love and comfort is calming and that’s just what the overworked author needs!


Okay, this isn’t the most sage piece of advice. It is for ages 21 and over and not to be abused.

That said, go out and enjoy a drink with friends or at dinner with the SO. Sit in the sunshine with a bit of vodka spiked lemonade or that killer margarita. Just a small amount of alcohol can take the edge off. Make sure that you’re following it up with plenty of water if you’re my age.

I firmly believe I should invest in a margarita cabinet and make them whenever I’m feeling shitty. Now, excuse me while I go make a margarita board on Pinterest.


5 thoughts on “Stress Management for the Modern Author”

  1. This post is so relevant and relateable haha :/ drinks and pets and forcing myself to exercise. I also have recently found myself going to the gym only to spend most of the time in the massage bed, which helps my stress but not so much my bodyweight 😉

    1. Oh my, a massage bed?! I need that in my life. Our broke butts just ran up and down the road for exercise!
      My mother-in-law’s doctor said that all we need is twenty minutes of activity with a light sweat. That leaves enough time for the massage bed, right?

      1. I’m lucky enough to now have gym reimbursement at my workplace, and it’s been HEAVENLY. Although I do prefer outdoor exercise during nice weather for the change in scenery.

        The $20 membership at Planet Fitness includes massage beds that are wayy more appealing than the treadmills and weights lol. and yes, I figure if I get my heart-rate up and tell myself I’m required to exercise before massage, then I’m still being healthier than I would be without going to the gym in the first place 🙂

    1. Neither do I, really. I would rather have a cold glass of strawberry lemonade than wine. But, that said, every now and then the edge needs to be taken off and sugary drinks don’t do that alone!

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