Geek Girl Bloggers Book Swap!

Several blogs ago I joined this immensely cool Facebook group called Geek Girl Bloggers. All of the women I’ve encountered on there have been so encouraging and inspiring for me over the past few years. When Pepi of Geek Anthropology suggested a book swap among the geek girls, I hopped on board. What could be cooler than sharing a book with someone?!

Hubs was the little devil on my shoulder, telling me I should send my own book in the swap. It kind of felt like shameless self promotion and I didn’t really want to be that girl in a group that I really value.

Michelle Anneliese was my swap partner. When I saw names like Rainbow Rowell and John Green in her favorite author list I knew what I was going to buy her. Fingers crossed that she likes it!

I only wish that I was a little more clear on what I already had… which is difficult when you have several book shelves worth of books.

The Winners Curse

Michelle sent me The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutowski. She even had Amazon gift wrap it for me. That was super sweet of her! The only problem is I already have it!

I’m not sure what I want to do with it yet. It is a variant cover that I don’t have, but at the same time we will inevitably move next year and my load of books is a pain to haul as it stands. I may keep the new copy and donate the old one to a library.

The book itself is a huge step toward the things I like to read, echoing books like An Ember in the Ashes. I wanted so much to like this book when I was reading it, but Kestrel and the male protagonist didn’t come to life on the page for me.

At some point, I should

get myself to finish reading The Winner’s Curse and give the sequel a try. Probably a library copy, just to be safe.

I’d love to participate in swaps like these in the future because the surprise and the chance to share with my friends is irresistible! More than anything, I hope that Michelle like’s the book I picked out for her!

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