The Writer’s Subscription Box I Want

As many of my followers might already know, I have an odd obsession with subscription boxes. Once upon a time, a friend and I made a list of all the things we would want to see in a box crafted just for writers. Today, I’m going to update that imaginary box and craft a list of things I think any author would like delivered to their door!


Writing/Office Supplies

This is kind of a duh! We want brightly colored pens (red pens for revisions!) that glide across the paper. We want black calligraphy pens for our bullet journals and planners. We want cute clips to bind our printed manuscripts.

Journals/Craft of Writing Books

I have yet to see a writer that isn’t drawn to a blank journal on the store shelves. I can’t help myself. I pick them up, flip through the pages to feel the texture, and imagine the words I would write across those pages. We love them for bullet journals, for quick idea jotting, and so much more.

Also, we are always looking to expand on our repertoire. We’re looking to expand on our knowledge of the craft or hoard reference books in our writing corner. I would love to see the Art of War for Writers or an emotion thesaurus in a subscription box.

Writing Prompts

I remember a creative writing class that I had in my old community college. We passed around prompt kits that had prompts written on Popsicle sticks that you had to put together, old photographs that we used to inspire our journal entries, or card games that we played to create short stories. Adding story dice, prompt cards, or photo inspiration cards would be really fun to put away for writer’s block day.


We all have our vices. Don’t try to lie to me. We know that my vice is coffee. Especially Dunkin Donuts.

Adding a coffee sampler, a tea sampler, or even a bag of munchies to the box gives us fuel to stay at our desks and keep plugging away. I also wouldn’t mind being introduced to new flavors of tea (The Republic of Tea always my fave). And, there’s nothing wrong with having a treat drawer in your desk.

Muse Candle

Our senses can inspire us. The smell of a sunny day can bring you somewhere. The sight of shadows on the wall can inspire dialogue. The sound of music can fuel a character’s emotions.

I would like to see a small, maybe 4oz, candle to burn while I write. Maybe I just like candles. This doesn’t have to be an every month thing. Maybe a pencil pouch with an affirmation on it one month, a candle the next month, and then perhaps something else.

Free Software Trials

This could be any number of things. A free trial of Scrivener. A free printing press trial. A free data back up trial. There are a huge number of services on the web that are there to help writers that we just don’t know about! Handing out free two-week trial codes would be a huge help toward figuring out what helps and what doesn’t for the individual writer.

Now, I’m sure that all of this crammed together would rack up to a notable price. I can see this being around 40$. That would make it a good quarterly box, though. Let’s face it, we don’t need these things EVERY month. Just a refresher every now and then.

Have you seen any boxes that come close to this? Or, do you have a box you found that you’d like to recommend? Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “The Writer’s Subscription Box I Want”

  1. Wow, that would be a super rad box I would be a subscriber of. I’m subscribing to FairyLoot, which is pretty cool, but it’s for readers, not writers. But it also has stuff that inspires you.

    1. I’ve seen FairyLoot and I’m kind of in love with it. The only problem I have with FairyLoot is that I’d have to pay international shipping and my bank account is crying in pain as I write this.

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