Three Steps to Stay Motivated to Write

Let’s face it: Life is a busy mo-fo these days. If it isn’t a popped tire at ten PM, then it’s dropping a raw egg on your kitchen floor, or the cat that has spent the last year waking you before six AM (Luna, please have mercy!). We have long days and short nights that lead us to desperately crave procrastination or chocolate covered espresso beans. Neither of which really solve the problem at hand.

What do I do when I really do not want to write?

Three Steps to Stay Motivated to Write


Break up your time into Work and Relaxation. Go ahead and take that bath or watch the new episode of your favorite show. Just remember that there is still work to be done. I like to do the work knowing that I’m going to reward myself at the end. Don’t shoot for word goals. Set an allotted time so that your schedule still has openings for the What-Ifs.

By creating a schedule, you are making sure that your day is well balanced. You aren’t over-exerting yourself by trying to push for words that just aren’t there, but you aren’t avoiding the situation either.


Take a day off. Only ONE. Make it count. Do all the things you have been craving. Go to a museum, out to lunch, the beach, the moon. You will be exhausted physically, but getting out of the house and away from the screen for a short time can have you coming back reinvigorated. Personally, I crave a day out of town in which I visit a museum, explore a new town, and end my day with a good book by a pool with a frou-frou drink. (I like frou-frou drinks, okay!)

Sometimes, you need a new experience to recharge the creative juices in your brain. Looking at the same walls day in and day out is not good for you. Isolation has been scientifically proven to be detrimental to your health. There is a huge world out there waiting to be discovered. There is an even bigger one waiting to be created by a writer.


Sorry, but it has to be done! Even if you don’t feel like doing it you should plant your butt in that chair and plug away at something. You might find that it isn’t the drag you were expecting it to be. You might find that it really was the drag you expected it to be. Neither matter because you know what? You WROTE!

Yesterday was the first day of Camp Nanowrimo. Do you know what I did?

I didn’t write.

It was a day that I actually got to sleep in, too. Not that seven AM constitutes sleeping in (for someone who doesn’t have kids), but it was a glorious extra hour. And still, I did not write. That meant at seven this morning, I was pounding away at the keys to catch up to my daily word count goal after having been awake for two hours already.

Getting yourself to do anything is easy. All you have to do is ignore yourself.

Ignore the pleas for useless nights. Ignore the pleas for procrastination. It doesn’t help. Instead, try the three things I listed above and I promise you sitting down to write will suddenly become much easier!


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