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I started writing because I had a hard time expressing myself verbally. Did you listen to my interview with Wooden Pants Publishing? I got too nervous and spoke way too fast. I called Maryland MARYLOND.

Now, you expect me to talk in front of people? Who do you think you are?

Sadly, the truth of the matter is that as an author you’re going to have to get up in front of people eventually. It has to be done if you want your book to go anywhere. That face to face marketing is the most reliable. Who can say no when they are looking you in the eye while you plead for them to buy your book? Someone with no soul, that’s who.

April 8th I have an in-person book signing event at a small, local bookstore. Their policy for local authors is to accept five copies of the book on a consignment based sale. My books sold out within a couple of weeks. I know only two people who bought my books. That means three people I don’t know saw my cover and took the plunge!

But, the book signing means I have to sit in the store and hope someone wants to buy a book or bring in their copy for me to sign. What do I say to them? What are they going to ask me?

I have no idea.

In May, I have the Author Meet and Greet scheduled. That isn’t like the book signing. I have to talk.

I have to TALK.

About what? My book?

Dude, just read it.

Clearly, I’m worried about the Author Meet and Greet. As far as I know, the audience will be family and friends coming to cheer me on. I can deal with that, right? I know that the library has tried to invite young adults, too. Which I hope will be cool since I can promote my YA project and the new novella at the same time.

Sure, these events are great for marketing, but I also hope that I can fine tune my speaking skills. One of my dreams as a writer has always been to return to my old colleges as a speaker. SUNY Oswego has a program called the Living Writer’s Series in which published authors come and talk about their work in fiction, non-fiction, blogging, and journalism. I want to be on that stage, talking about my experience with self-publishing.

I want to go back to SUNY Jefferson and tell the other students that their dreams are achievable.

But first, I have to be able to talk in front of a room of people without stumbling over my words.

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  1. Good Luck! My biggest advice is sound personable and make good conversation. Also try and slow down your voice. I have to try and speak slower and it sounds really weird to me, but it comes off as perfect tone and intonation.

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