Facebook Launch Partay!

As many of you probably know, I have a novella coming out soon!

I am super excited to introduce you guys to a character that has been with me for even longer than Diana has been.

The book follows Evangeline O’Dair, an ex-Valkyrie huntress and a fake psychic medium for the police of Wolf’s Head with little skin that hasn’t been inked and a dark power in her blood. Her road up until now has been filled with death, but she finally has a chance at a happily ever after with the man of her dreams.

That is, if she can survive the death threat suddenly looming over her head. Evan wishes she could plan her wedding like any normal woman, but no, her life had to interfere. Can she deal with her necromancer family and still be on time for her own wedding?

The book is slated to be released in April. To celebrate I’m planning on hosting a live Facebook party! There will be chances to ask me questions, even the silliest questions (like who Diana’s favorite boy band was as a kid). I will also have books to give away for the occasion. That includes not only e-book copies, but signed paperbacks of Marked For The Hunt. The date will be announced later, when I have all of my pretty little fantasy ducks in a row.

Along with the books, there’s something else I’m looking to give away to you guys! I am planning on making my very own themed candles for the giveaway! They will be glass or tin container candles with labels made by me! I’m thinking of using the Wild Hunt, Balefire, and Faoladh as scent themes. There could also be Diana and Evangeline candles if I can handle it.

Scented Candles, GUYS!

What do you think those themes would smell like? Let me know below in the comments.

I don’t plan on selling them. My focus will always be my books, but I love to make things, crafts, foods. If things go well with this venture, I plan on extending it to my other social media accounts. There might be baked goods scented Balefire candles with recipes attached, written in Sabrina’s voice of course.

0 thoughts on “Facebook Launch Partay!”

  1. Ooooh … let’s see … Balefire scents *pulls out menu*
    Blackberry lemonade …
    Green apple …

    When I think Faoladh scent, I think stinky wolf, but then I think woods … so like, campfire scent.
    Or men’s cologne. 😉

  2. Ooooh, do each of the boys get their own favorite scent to wear maybe but in candle form?
    and girls? … but I’m a huge fan of like more cologne scents. Fruity scents make my migraines worse.

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