Quarterly Goals: April-June

Kayla over at Epicfied.com introduced me to a vlogger named Jenna Moreci and I absolutely love her. She talks about the craft of writing from her own point of view and I think her husband looks like the love child of Captain America and Bucky Barnes, but that’s really off topic.

One of the things that Jenna prescribes to is setting quarterly goals throughout the year. Not all of them pertain to writing and she doesn’t push herself to complete all of them. She considers it a win if she even hits half the list. I like this idea because it allows me to set a large number of goals that I’d like to see happen. If they don’t happen that quarter, in the three months allotted, then they roll over to the next and get prioritized.

I thought that I would set a list of goals to reach between April and June and have you, my readers, hold me accountable for it.


Quarterly Goals

  1. Finish the first book in my YA trilogy.
    • I thought it was nearly done for a long time until I pieced together what I had and realized I might have to double my word count. That’s been scaring me away from picking it back up.
  2. Finish the revisions on Marked as Prey.
    • Since my cover artist takes her time to make each cover right, I figured I had some time to devote to getting book number two right, as well.
  3. Hold a Giveaway.
    • This is not only a great marketing technique, but it gives back to the people who are really helping me do what I love for the rest of my life.
  4. Get some book swag.
    • I love book related goodies. I’m clearly obsessed. Since I’m hosting my first event I figured that I needed to invest in bookmarks at the very least!
  5. Contact a local winery for an event.
    • I have this vision of myself in a mall location of my favorite winery, reading from my books and sipping a Marked themed wine cocktail. I haven’t contacted them yet because I’m a chicken, but I could also use a couple more books out.
  6. Visit a wolf conservation center.
    • There is one about two hours away from me. I missed the wolf communication program, so I’m patiently waiting for another to come up on the schedule before I grab an old friend and make a road trip.
  7. Begin work on MARKED 3.
    • The series up to book five are loosely laid out already, with the Evangeline novellas interspersed between them. Book three is the one that is really stumping me.
  8. Find a cover artist for my YA project.
    • I’ve decided to self publish in the hopes of getting picked up by a big time publisher somewhere down the line. I really love this series and want to see it go far, but I also want to get it out there for you, too.
  9. Add some art to my workspace.
    • I’ve been stalking artists on the internet for a while now, in love with their creations. I’m planning on add prints from Kelly Mckernan, Jaquelin Deleon, and Audra Auclair. I have them all picked out and added to my Home Pinterest board, too!
  10. Read more of Radical Self-Love.
    • I bought the book by Gala Darling a while back. I read the first few chapters quickly and then set it aside. What I need to do is download the Kindle app to my phone so that I can access it easier.
  11. Work on Instant Happy each morning.
    • So far, I’ve been pretty good about this one. Instant Happy is a gratitude journal set up with questions to make you think about the things that you already have and the things you can actively change in your life.

Long Term Goals

  • Self-Publish my YA trilogy.
    • While I haven’t been working on it, I’m excited to get the ball rolling again. The market for YA is filled with amazing authors and I want to count myself among them.
  • Plan a release ‘tour’ for each of the books I publish.
    • For the YA books, I’d probably reach out to local libraries to bring kids to my favorite place when I was their age. For my Urban Fantasy I really want to host meetings at small businesses such as the winery or the brewery restaurant in the mall back home. Can you say themed cocktails?!

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