Craft of Writing

The Fandom Formula

Think about it. What is it that you love about your favorite books? In my opinion, it boils down to two things: World and Characters. Many times we fall in love, we obsess over fiction because the world draws us in and the characters seem real as they stroll across the page. We walk the… Read More The Fandom Formula


Public Speaking?!

Eeeeeep! I started writing because I had a hard time expressing myself verbally. Did you listen to my interview with Wooden Pants Publishing? I got too nervous and spoke way too fast. I called Maryland MARYLOND. Now, you expect me to talk in front of people? Who do you think you are? Sadly, the truth… Read More Public Speaking?!

Craft of Writing

Finding Your Tribe

You might think that the life of a writer might be all about setting up your laptop in a quiet space, plugging away at the keys until your mind feels numb. You’re not wrong in some respects, but do not for a moment forget that what you’re doing will eventually create a community. You are… Read More Finding Your Tribe


Facebook Launch Partay!

As many of you probably know, I have a novella coming out soon! I am super excited to introduce you guys to a character that has been with me for even longer than Diana has been. The book follows Evangeline O’Dair, an ex-Valkyrie huntress and a fake psychic medium for the police of Wolf’s Head… Read More Facebook Launch Partay!


Busy, Busy

I’ve been on my butt most of the day, but I’m still exhausted. It was Hub’s birthday so his family arrived with arm loads of pizza and the day was spent introducing his mom and sister to D&D, a horribly unlucky game of The Hobbit monopoly in which the One Ring made my husband land… Read More Busy, Busy