Building the Marked Fandom

As a self published author, it’s up to the author to put in all of the investment. We have to pay for editors, proofreaders, cover artists, and sometimes formatting. It can become a money pit when the published book doesn’t immediately sell.

I know. I know.

You’re really sick of seeing crowdfunding pages.


Not sorry.


I created a Patreon page to help boost the funds for producing more books. I had a bit of a brain racking session when it came to rewards, often staring blankly at the screen. In the end, I put up some starter rewards. They include character based spotify playlists, short stories set in the world of MARKED featuring old and new characters, raffles to win e-books and paperbacks, as well as a chance to be part of a month long writer’s workshop that I’m looking forward to running.

I’m sure there are other rewards that I couldn’t think of on the spot, but you can let me know exactly what you want.

In return for these pledges, I can have more cover work made. Each cover costs $300 and I have two new books quickly approaching. Apart from that, I would really like to have some extra things made for my readers. Bookmarks and totes are always fun, but I’d also like to see Balefire/MARKED mugs and tees (because we know I have a mug obsession). All of these mean design costs as well as production costs. It also means some fun giveaways for my patrons and here, on my site.

Also, I’m just a little more than obsessed with the idea of book swag. Don’t judge me.

Despite the lack of refreshing sunlight here in New York, I’m finding that working on the MARKED series and it’s offshoots make me really happy. It also makes me thrilled to see you, my readers, enjoying my book. That’s what this is all about.

Welcome to the MARKED Fandom.

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