Treat Yourself: The Writer’s Version

We all might be a little stressed out about the state of current events in America. To say that we want Trump to fail just isn’t fair for our nation. Instead, we as writers should take a step back, suck in a deep breath, and get to work on our next project. Show your readers that even the greatest obstacle can be overcome and that it’s important to love EVERYONE.

We got this.

It’s not that big of a job.


Well, until then here are a few things you can treat yourself to so that you can remind yourself you’re doing something good. You’re a writer.



I am the first to admit that I have a mug OBSESSION. Honestly, I’m running out of room, but I’d love to add a writerly mug to my collection for those early morning sessions. $14.99


I’d like to hang one of these around every corner. Seriously. Loved ones often don’t consider that you actually have to work if you work from home. They think you’re always free when that isn’t actually the case. $11.17


In case no one knew, declare your intentions to the world with this simple top. The Etsy shop, Chummy Tees, is full of cheeky tops like this one and they come in all sorts of styles. Like, my favorite the hoodie! Starting at $22.95

Supporting small businesses is where it’s at, but if you aren’t a materialistic sucker like me, then there are other ways to remind yourself to keep writing.

  • Support your local bookstore every now and then. Picking up a new story can be super refreshing and small stores just don’t get enough love.
  • Donate books you don’t read, or books you’ve written, to your local library. You know you love them, but so will someone else.
  • Hang out at your local cafe. Pick a small business and try their coffee or baked goods while you jot notes in you journal (or furiously type away at your laptop).

While you’re doing these things, post it on social media. Don’t be ashamed. you’re letting someone else know about your favorite bookstore or cafe in town with your hastags, free advertising basically. Or, your library post reminds others that they have books they’ve forgotten about, too.

Don’t forget to keep your batteries charged while you work at the next big novel. There’s no use in letting the world around you drain the joy out of writing because you’re working to make a difference in the world. You’re looking to brighten the world for someone else.

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