Two Books to Add to Your Writer’s Shelf

I would like to be putting out a cool article on the craft of writing, but I am stupid sick. Like stuck on the couch with fever, aches, chills, coughing, and sore throat. It’s like some bastard virus combination of the flu and a cold that I’m just not okay with.

So, between recovery naps, I am sharing my two favorite books on my craft shelf.


To some, the things that you love come naturally. For the rest of us, there’s a learning curve. While we would all love to sign up for a writer’s workshop or a retreat, that kind of money just isn’t in the cards. In the meantime, here are some books to put on your shelf while you learn the tricks of the trade.


I adore The 3AM Epiphany by Brian Kitely for so many reasons! It is a collection of exercises based off tricks of the trade. I love this because this allows the writer to learn by doing. Each exercise is always preempted by a short lesson in the how and why of things.

Whenever you’re stuck, crack the book open and see where it can lead you. I have yet to grab The 4AM Breakthrough, but I’m dying to get my hands on it.


z4273c_artofwarNot too long ago, I ran myself a bath, dropped in a Lush bathbomb (I have a bad obsession, so sue me), and read through a good chunk of The Art of War for Writers. I love the way that Bell writes, as if he’s really talking to you one on one. He not only walks you through parts of the craft of writing, but talks about inspiration and keeping your chin up through submissions.

I like to grab this book whenever I feel drained as a writer.

Both of these books run relatively cheap on Amazon. If you use Amazon smile, you can pay the same price and still donate to a charity of your choice. I donate to my local library system.

Even if you can’t afford an expensive writing retreat, you can still treat yourself to a bit of a relaxing time with a brain refreshing book. Like I said, I like to read these in the bath or in a sunny spot in my house (outside with a drink would be nice, but it is hella cold outside right now). Give these books a try, they will lead you through the tricks of the trade such as Show Don’t Tell.

Hopefully these two books will give fuel to your writing fire and bring your work to the next level like they did for me.

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