Building the Marked Fandom

As a self published author, it’s up to the author to put in all of the investment. We have to pay for editors, proofreaders, cover artists, and sometimes formatting. It can become a money pit when the published book doesn’t immediately sell. I know. I know. You’re really sick of seeing crowdfunding pages. Sorry. Not… Read More Building the Marked Fandom

Craft of Writing

Part One: Defining Your Genre Fantasy stories have been around as long as people have been telling tales over the fire. Storytellers wove tales of jealous gods and outlandish beasts. Later, these tales evolved into the epics such as Homer and Beowulf or the tales of Arabian Nights. In the last century, writers such a… Read More


2017, Here I Come!

We rang in the New Year with Mariah Carey’s awfully laughable performance last night. I mean, that was the best possible way to end such a heart wrenching year. I will always miss my Rebel Princess, but we can’t dwell on grief forever. It’s time to look to the future! And we all know what… Read More 2017, Here I Come!